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22 Marzo 2016

From 9 to 14 March, the triennum of Turist Ivo De Carneri school went to a school trip in Berlin. During these days three classes visited the amazing stock market and fair of Tourism, the ITB Berlin.

It offers a lot of commercial areas and it shows some travel trends, for instance Travel Technology, ITB Events, Young Travel, ECOtourism and Experience Adventure...

ITB hosts countries from all the world and statistics are enormous: it hosts more than 180.000 visitors every year, 108.000 businessmans, 10.000 exhibitors from 180 different countries.

The Fair is composed by 26 pavilions, one for each countries and every country support their own tourist supply.

It's amazing, because there're professional workers for tourism, tour operators, airline companies, hotels, portal and system for online bookings... So they offer their tourist package and it's nice how you can consult unlimited package in only one location!

For this fair is important ECOtourism, crouises and trips for disabled people.

ITB Berlin is a fantastic because in one hand people have a lot of opportunities to meet business partners and make business but in the other hand people can keep up to tourism news and trends.

Natasha e Sara III^ITT