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#Dublin Tour 2015

25 Febbraio 2015

A magic couple of weeks.

18th  January 2015:

The day we were looking for so long finally arrived. The students of II ITT and II BIO met the teachers at the meeting point in Dante square in Trento. Direction? #Dublin! We were so excited…Before we had to say goodbye to our parents and then to took the bus for Malpensa Airport, Milan.

After the check-in we could finally fly  to Ireland. When we arrived our host-families were  waiting for us: the ‘italians’. The first impression of the city was amazing… the one of the families not so good but in the following days we changed quickly our opinions.
Monday 19th we went to the International House; our temporary school. This school is only for students or tourists who want to improve their english but also discover the city, so sometimes in the afternoon the school organized some journeys for us.
Instead of the first lesson, irish teachers gave us a test to do. Based on the results we were divided into three different level groups. Every morning until saturday we stood up early, but the timings changed depending on the distance of the families; some of us stayed in a different village; Sutton, conversely the majority stayed in Bay-said. There are some differences between irish and italian school: for example the lessons begin at 9.00 am o’clock and end generally at 4.30 pm. At the International House each group was in a separated classroom with different teachers, but we all had only two lessons of two hours a day.  During the school time we enjoyed very much the coffee-break:  thirty minutes during which we used to go to the school’s café to have a big coffe and, way not, something different to eat instead of the ordinary healthy italian food .
The first week we visited the city with a guide, the Archaeology Museum of Irland. Walking in the city we discovered different ‘souls’ of Dublin: Tample Bar is a very colorful place with small streets and buildings in contrast with the rest of the city, it is the hart of night life: there are plenty of pubs offering music, entertainment but, specially, a lot of bier! Irish people are proud of their bier in fact not far from the centre there is a popular factory and museum: Guinnes, the national bier. We visited it too and each of us chose a gadget from t-shirts to magnets.
A really funny moment was shortly the Irish Dance Workshop: we all danced and laughed and had a really good time.
The week-and was fantastic! A bit challenging: a 5 kilometers walk in the mountain near the sea on Saturday to Howth and, the day after, a hike in a green hill to go down and reach the harbor, see the sea-lions, walk on the cliff near the sea and eat a special fish and chips.

The second week was more funny because the teachers conceded us more free-time among two libraries, a museum of art, an alternative challenge of photos in teams and a film.
Dublin is a noise city with tall buildings, big shops and, like every big city, a problem with pollution. the people are very busy, not so fit but very kind also with foreigners.
The last day was a really sad one…it could not be different!